Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two for two

Managed to make it out again today for an earlier and chillier ride, I can tell that missing the last month of riding really has put a cramp in my endurance... I felt physically tired after the ride today then I should have. I am kind of glad I didn't make it out on Friday night after all or I might not be able to walk today. I had/have hopes of trying to get out again tomorrow night but right now the forecast calls for crazy winds so it's going to be touch and go for sure. It would mean that I finally get to try out my skull face-mask on a ride, ever since I've got it it's  been too warm to wear it on a ride... maybe tomorrow night will be the night. I did wear it once to shovel so it should be plenty warm enough and I even managed to pick up some warm looking shoe covers at Scheels as well so hopefully those will help with my feet getting cold/numb.


I am thinking I should have gotten the black and white or all black goggles now, live and learn I guess... but the blue ones just sort of "pop".


Look ma, I'm a "snow bike". I think I managed to find one of the few non-brownish/grayish snow piles left in Lincoln... until Tuesday when it's supposed to snow again. I hope everyone had a great weekend and managed to get out and enjoy the great weather we had because it looks like it's not sticking around for long.

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