Monday, April 29, 2013

Free mu-stache rides!

Yesterday I headed out to the Trek demo day in Wilderness Park hosted by Cycle Works and rode a few really nice bikes. First up was the new Gary Fisher collection Stache 8, it is one I've been looking to ride since I fist saw it introduced earlier this year. I like the color scheme on the Stache 7 better myself but the gray/lime green isn't awful.

That's one sweet head badge.

Stache 8 and Superfly Elite SL in their natural habitat. It's been awhile since I've ridden an aluminum hardtail, steel has been my frame material of choice lately for hardtails, I could really feel the stiffness of the frame on this bike. Aluminum is pretty unforgiving on the rough stuff but for this bike I might have made an exception.

I choose the Superfly Elite SL as the second ride of the day, it's a super light, carbon framed speedster. If I had that kind of money to spend on a bike and were to get more serious about racing this would be one I would definitely look at.


The last bike I took out was the Rumblefish Pro, this was also probably my favorite of the three... while it is way more bike than you need for Wilderness with 5" of travel front and rear it zipped right through the corners like a much lighter XC bike and of course ate up all of the bumps and trail chatter that I felt on the other two. Something about 5" of travel just begs you to ride it fast, perhaps it's the fact that if you make a slight mistake on line choice this bike will give you plenty of "oops, I've got you covered" forgiveness for your tender undercarriage. If your in the market for a 5" trail bike this would be a good choice or at least worth a look.




Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day all day

Finally got some decent weather and it was Earth Day to boot, got up early to get in a ride before the festivities kicked off.
It's empty now but in a few hours it will be teeming with people.

My nemesis the train was in the way once again, well played train, well played.

I just need over there... so close yet still so far. After a slight re-route I dipped into the park for a spin, it was in great shape.

Three seasons later and the bridge is still out, obviously it wasn't on the verge of collapsing.

On a brighter note, the Bison Trail bridge is almost finished!

Saw these dudes on the way back, not really sure I'd ever want to do that.


Coming in for a landing.

Quick shower and off to Earth Day at Antelope Valley park... and there are those people I was talking about.

Pretty good turn out.

Even the L.A.R.P-ers decided to come out and enjoy Earth Day.

One of the best parts of Earth Day was the free bike corral, thanks Cycle Works. Great day and much warmer than last years version.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chasing fast dudes through the woods

Group rides are back again for the season, lots of dirt, hurt and sweat is in the future. 

That would explain the traffic getting to Cycle Works, someone's not having a good night. 

Not really a cruiser fan but this New Belgium Brewing cruiser looks sweet. 

My view for most of the ride.

Halfway point and a brief breather, should have rode more over the winter but what are you gonna do now except suck it up. Hopefully next week brings some warmer weather. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirt for now.

This crazy weather is making it really hard to get in any dirt time yet this year but it's been dry for a few days and it's supposed to rain/snow/hail/sleet on Wednesday and Thursday so figured I'd check out Wilderness tonight.

Glad I saw this before I was in it and then over it.

I know that the sun has to still be up there somewhere on the other side of all those clouds.

Dry dirt!!! For now anyway.

Didn't know they allowed camping in Wilderness. Considering the weather, getting out there tonight was a really good call... come one warmer temps and sunshine.