Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day ride.


Been a whole lotta rain this Memorial Day weekend, so no dirt riding but did manager to get in a few short trips on cement. Took the Cog out today since I haven't been on it in over a week because of all the liquid sunshine and it's looking like there might not be dry dirt for another week if it keeps raining.

Managed to get out during the lull between the rain this morning and the rain that is forecast for this evening. A whole mess of other people had the same idea.

Love seeing all the flags and patriotism on the weekend, it's too bad most of it is in our cemeteries.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes words are not enough

The plan was to get up early and go riding, rain cancelled that plan but it looked promising for later if I could fit it into my schedule but it was a pretty hectic day and it was last minute decision that almost went the other way. I am glad that I did, as I was riding through Holmes Lake Park I looked west and saw this:

As I was taking the picture and for a few minutes after as I was just staring at the beauty of the sunset I thought to myself, if you had to how could you possibly use words to describe something like this to someone who couldn't see, would it even be possible? The world can be amazing, life can be amazing but you have to put down the T.V. remote, push back from the computer and get outside to fully experience it.

Won a Light & Motion Vis 180 micro a few weeks back but haven't had a chance to take it out until tonight. It definitely lives up to the reputation that the companies lights carry, rechargeable and bright at hell.

Paired with my Light & Motion Urban 500 it's a perfect city commuting combo.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rollin with five-o

Not the kind of two wheeled vehicle I'm used to seeing on the bike routes...

Been a little stressed this week, lots of stuff going on, lots of things yet to be done and a few things to figure out; none of which have anything to do with biking but it has caused me to not get in much riding this week unfortunately. Needed a little down time so got out on the trials tonight for a much needed mind clearing. 

Weather looked a little sketchy but it held off and just looked ominous. 

Birds seemed to be the theme tonight, they were everywhere. This little family of ducks were enjoying some free bread, all except the father duck he just stood straight up like that the whole time eyeing the kid throwing the bread.

Caught a glimpse of a blue herring, don't see many of these in town, this one apparently can't read as he is doing exactly what the sign prohibits. 

Must have been cramping his style, so he flew off for the other end of the pond... or maybe he heard there were some cops in the area. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thirty in a hundred

It was the hottest of times, it was the windiest of times but it was Tuesday and time for another TNNDDR. Not sure I was ready for triple digits but I survived and sometimes that's more than enough.

Must have been hot, first time I've ever seen Nate with a hydration pack. 

Lets got that way! 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Half A$$ing It Through The Park

Somehow, and I'm still not sure, I managed to break a seat rail on the way to Cycle Works for the TNNDDR. Riding 29 miles through Wilderness Park on one cheek is not what I would call fun exactly but it still beats sitting in a bean bag chair naked eating Cheetos watching my DVR'd soaps so that's exactly what I did.

I think it might be time to call 1-800-JennyCraig and maybe stop the naked Cheetos thing as well... seriously, this is the second seat rail in four years I've busted, either that or maybe it's a sign that I need to stand up a bit more while riding. I guess it did support my large butt for over three years, that's not an easy task apparently.

Had a great turn out tonight, always a lot more fun when there's a big group rolling through the single track.


Nuthin but a rasta party...

Mid ride regroup, picture is much better bigger, click on it to see it in a larger size.

Unlike last week, the rain didn't exactly hold off until after the ride but just a few sprinkles never killed anyone.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TNNDDR the technology sucks edition

Yesterday was Tuesday, which meant it was time for another installment of the Tuesday Night No Drop Dirt Ride hosted by Cycle Works. Weather was actually really good for a ride, temps were warm but not crazy hot and the rain gods decided to give us a reprieve and didn't start dumping liquid sunshine until I was already safe at home. I was going to post this last night but when I got home the technology gods greeted me with a dead wireless router and a switch that wouldn't behave... two and a half hours later it finally decided to work but I was too wiped and frazzled at that point.

Clouds looked like they really wanted to get us wet but they never did.

One thing that always gets me excited about riding singletrack is the thought of being able to see wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Trails were in really good shape, won't be after today for awhile but last night they were near perfect, there was even a rare Joel sighting.



Lots of dudes all dressed the same, ok so maybe I'm a little jealous.

Bringing up the rear.

bowling pins
Saw an entire Karate/Tae kwon do class on the Jamaica North trail. Nate said they looked like bowling pins, I'd have to agree... lets go bowling.