Sunday, October 16, 2011

Circling the wagons

It has been awhile since I've made it out to Wagon Train, I had tried earlier in the week actually but because of recent rains it was a bit too soggy. Today however the trails were in pristine condition and I took full advantage of it getting in a good three laps of riding.


Loving the new Giant Anthem, might be the best bike I've ever owned... definite keeper. 


Most of the trail on the north end was awesome except for the back end which for some reason is being clear cut of all the trees; trail was still in good shape though, there is a new "obstacle" that wasn't there the last time I was out. No signs just this gate blocking the trail leading to the big dip, if you ducked however you could ride under it without any trouble so I am not sure if it's just to keep the horses and the vehicles out or what but if it was meant for bikes and hikers they should have posted signs and made the gate a lot lower. 

The south end of the trail was in pretty rough shape, I know not many people ride that section because it's not as fun so maybe that explains it but it's still sad to see. I tried to ride it but it was just so over grown I had to bail at the first dirt road before my shins got any more eaten up by the weeds. 


Rode back on the road and saw this sign, not sure why they need a sign to point out the obvious, I mean one can clearly see it's a road... made out of dirt, is the sign really necessary?

Found this little guy by the car as I was packing it up and getting ready to leave, kind of surprised that it's still caterpillar this late in the year and not a moth/butterfly by now.


Another picture just a little bit closer, love the caterpillar drool hanging out of it's mouth. 


Not sure how much longer the nice weather is going to hang around but if we can just get a few more weekends like this one I'll be happy.