Sunday, February 26, 2017

SMNDFBR - Winters Last Waltz?


70s in February were too good to be true and Winter reminded us that it's not quite done yet with Saturday's snow and cold. It does look like the two week forecast is more toward 50s and 60s but who knows if we are in the clear or not from the cold.



Before the ride we had a little company this week, a reporter and photographer from the Lincoln Journal Star stopped in to talk to a few of the regulars about fat bikes and fat biking. Supposedly there will be an article in the paper sometime soon but so far all that has made it to the website are a few pictures, which can be found here. Perhaps we aren't as entertaining as we think we are and the whole thing got scrapped and is laying on the cutting room floor. It was still a pretty cool experience getting to talk to the guys from the LJS no matter how it ends up.




Once our 15 seconds of fame was done, we did have a ride to get to and with the new snow and cold temperatures our destination for Saturday was Wilderness Park.



Conditions early on were near perfect, snow was slightly crusty in some spots but everything was frozen solid. Even had time to stop and take a few senior pictures for Russ while we were regrouping. Kids going to be the envy of the school no doubt, swagger for days!


Not to be outdone the old folk got in on the senior picture theme, although when they start talking about senior pictures it's more Medicare ID card and less graduating High School but they just looked so darn cute.





Bridges always seem to be a good place for regroups while in the Park, we did have a little concern about the durability of the bridge at the top but I assure you that it's good to go. We've had more bikes on it on past rides and as long as you're not with a gaggle of camp kids working on their synchronized jumping badge, the bridge will hold.


It's amazing what a few degrees and a little sun will do to the ground, thus on the way back we opted to play it safe and take the Jamaica North trail back. While we might have playing it safe as far as not tearing up the trails in the park, the limestone trail isn't without it's own hazards. What is normally a fine dust in dryer conditions turns into a fine mist of limestone droplets that coat everything when it's wet.


Both bikes and riders looked a little bit like this by the time we got back to dry pavement, I had fenders and probably should have put them on but as I stood at the car on that chilly Saturday I said to myself, "self, you won't need these". Shows what I know, not sure why I listen to me sometimes.



Once back on drier trails, we headed to Leadbelly for a quick bite, they took one look at us and promptly stuck us waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy in the back away from all the regular folk. Probably a good call on their part.


Not to fear though, we had a great view of the bikes through this rusty, dusty, dirty-looking thing that was covering the window so it was like we were there with the bikes the whole time. After lunch we headed back to the shop and called and end to another great SMNDFBR. Next week we might have to break out a bit of a longer gravel route if the 67 degrees that is in the forecast holds true as it should be great biking weather.

Don't forget to stop by the shop on Wednesday for the screening of RAD, should be a good time and I'm betting it's been years since people have seen the movie. Hope to see you there.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tour de Brr? - Ballast Point



Saturday was supposed to be the Tour de Brr but with temps nearing 60 degrees, there wasn't much brr in the tour this year. If you're a baller, you show up to the ride and drop the coin for a Trek Farley EX 8 and take it out for it's first ride. As the saying goes, "I wanna be like Mike"! Sweet ride though, I can see miles of smiles in his future.




Since it was a Saturday and not the usual Thursday there was plenty of time to gather up at Cycle Works and ride over to Moran's for the official start.


Ballast Point was the beer for the ride, they brew some really good beer but I must admit I wasn't a big fan of the Red Velvet. Thankfully they have plenty of other tastier options to choose from.




Had a pretty good group for the ride, many of the same faces as the summer rides but a few new ones sprinkled in for good measure.





After a few samples and some chit chat, it was back to Cycle Works.


Even found a cheap couch if you're in the market for one, a little duct tape and some Febreeze and it'll be good as new-ish.




Lots of folks at Cycle Works for even more delicious Ballast Point brews, they had Mango Even Keel on tap and it's one of my favorites from them.





Because neither man nor woman can survive on beer alone, after a while it was time to head out in search of food before hitting the Empyrean warehouse. Even had a rogue fat bike rider go all salmon on us but you know, who gets those fat bikers...


Speaking of man nor woman cannot live on beer alone, we ended up at Leadbelly and promptly ordered a round of Large Marge Bloody Marys.




We also took over the patio, luckily it was a beautiful day for it. I'm not sure they were expecting 30 cyclists to show up at one time for lunch on Saturday but they handled the crowed really well.


The food was amazing, this guy is the From Dusk Til Dawn sandwich and consists of sausage, bacon and fried eggs with a secret sauce, it was phenominal and paired really well with the Large Marge.


After lunch it was time to head to Empyrean and some creative parking.


Not quite as over the top creative as this person though.




Beer was so good that a few decided they needed more than one at a time.


A few beers and some more chit chat and it was time to get this show started. Let's get ready to raffffflllllleeeeeee.


I was hoping one of these guys would change my losing streak I had going.






Quite a few winners from our group, Joe was the big winner of the group scoring a sweet Ballast Point cycling jersey.


I even broke my losing streak buy winning a sticker, a bottle opener a patch kit and a Cycle Works water bottle! I may have given my bottle to Mike (I may already have a few Cycle Works bottles and Mike has none) to go with his brand new Farley EX 8 but it still counts as winning in my book.





One of the great things about the Tour de Brr is that it is during the day on a Saturday so you don't have to head home and prepare for work the next day. The group decided to head over to Boiler Brewing and hang out there for a bit, such a cool space.



Beers were drank, stories were told and then the bunnies started doing inappropriate things and it was time to pull the plug on the Tour de Brr and call it a day. Great group for the ride and really fantastic weather for the ride, can't wait for the regular Tour to pick back up this summer.