Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow time is slow time

Not a lot going on in blog land lately, seems like once the white stuff starts to stick around there isn't too much to write about, fewer rides, fewer adventures. Managed to get out for a short ride today despite the dusting of snow we got last night.

Residential streets and most of the bike trails were pretty well covered with snow but the main streets and the grass seemed to be fairly clear.

Meant to get out earlier in the day but after lunch I laid down on the couch to watch a little NFL, full stomach and comfy couch sorta put me into a food coma for a bit. I'm not saying it wasn't nice because it was very nice but it made me get out a bit later than I wanted.

Short ride down to Densmore Park is about all I could manage before I had to high tail it home to beat the sun, on a bright note (pun totally intended) the days are starting to get longer from here on out.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Frozen water and dinosaur fashion accessories

Been kind of a weenie the last couple of weeks which has resulted in not riding as much as I should be because of the cold so I decided to try to get out more this weekend and so far it's working out pretty good. Got out both days, today being a bit warmer than yesterday.


I can see how being extinct and missing all of your soft tissue could cause you to be a little cold in winter, hope the scarf helps keep poor Mr. T-Rex nice and toasty.


First time this winter I've ridden underneath the 27th & Normal Blvd. underpass, nothing fun at all about riding on a sheet of ice like this but slow and steady wins the race as they say.


Don't claim to be an engineer or know much about planning roads, trails, etc. but draining water onto a well used path might not be the smartest thing to do and just might contribute to some of the ice.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Breakfast Ride

It was a balmy 17 degrees this morning for the GPBC breakfast ride, I know that sounds cold and that probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is cold. However a strange thing happens when riding in winter, eventually anything above zero starts to feel "warm" so it actually felt pretty nice.


Met up at the zoo for the ride to Stauffer's Cafe for a little breakfast.


Not a bad turnout considering the feels like temps were hovering around 0, actually I believe the total number was 7 people.


Parking at Stauffer's could have been better or existent but the warmth was good and the food was better.


Post breakfast photo, although it seems like it could be a lineup as well. First time I had made one of these group rides, should figure out how to make them more often.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold and fluffy

Those two words pretty much sum up this weekend...


Cold as heck on Saturday, went for a ride in the morning, although not as long of a ride as I had planned. It was hard to stay warm even all bundled up, temps were anywhere from 1 degree above to -2 depending on which app or website you believed... all I know for sure is it was damn cold. Had to break out the goggles shortly after leaving home, my eyes kept watering with the clear glasses and then would freeze immediately. Even with the goggles they started to frost on the inside near the end of the ride.


The fluffy stuff started falling Saturday evening and went through most of the night, I think final tally was somewhere around 6". If you don't have to drive in it, the snow actually makes everything look kind of pretty... times like this I really wish I had a fat bike to screw around on.