Friday, May 29, 2020

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Florida


Last December I planned a trip to Florida to see a friend I had not seen in almost 3 decades, that trip was planned for Mid-March which seemed like a great time to get out of Nebraska and to the warmer temps of Florida. As we started getting closer to March the whole COVID thing started kicking off here in the US but at the time I boarded the plan to set off on the Florida adventure the world was still mostly sane and not a lot had really changed yet for us.

Photo Mar 18, 4 57 35 PM

Photo Mar 18, 9 04 10 PM

Photo Mar 18, 8 28 53 PM

Photo Mar 24, 4 34 58 PM

There were no travel bans at that time, not even really strong suggestions yet, everything was still open and masks would be weeks off yet. The first signs that things were getting rotten in the state of Denmark came when I had some of the busiest airports in the country mostly to myself; airplanes were near empty as well. During my week in Florida things started really getting weird and more and more businesses either closed or switched to take out only. Once back I started working from home and have only recently been back in the offices, once things started changing they changed quick. Riding never really stopped, big group rides did and with that the blogs mostly dried up as well. Oddly enough not just the writing of them but also the reading of them sort of went into the shitter as well, not really quite sure why that was but it happened.


Photo Apr 21, 7 46 32 PM

Photo Apr 21, 10 23 18 PM

Photo Apr 26, 4 41 21 PM






Riding has continued with smaller groups and extra spacing or sometimes with no groups at all, with not a whole lot else to do the miles have actually been up this year compared to this time last year. Well, weekly ride miles but without 100 mile plus events on the calendar it might end up being a push when it's all said and done.



Photo May 27, 8 06 21 PM

Now that the world is trying to get back to normal or as they like to say "the new normal" what does that mean for group rides and gravel events. Who knows, only time will tell but one thing is for sure, it will be some time before I take a trip to Florida again... the world gets nutty when I do. Cheers!