Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sometimes it really is up hill both ways...


Flat it was not, 800 feet of climbing is what it was, 70 it was not, 50 if you were lucky is what it was, sunny it was not, windy and over cast is what it was; one lie always seems to turn into another and another and another. The kick off to the Psycowpath season was today at Maskenthine Lake and other then the fact that I was out on the bike doing what I love to do it sucked; but a crappy day on a bike is better then a good day off of it. Over all the whole experience was great, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip as it got me out of Lincoln, I got to spend time with good friends and I got to leave my sweat on a new and strange soil… what more could you ask for? Remember when your parents or grandparents used to spin the yarns about how they had to walk everywhere and it was always uphill? Well other than the walking part the course seemed to be all uphill, not sure how that is possible one would surmise that what goes up must go down but it just never happened, there were little sections of downwardish hills but nothing compared to the uphill, the course was either bumpy as hell, wet and tacky or tight and twisty; it seemed like every time you started to maybe gain some speed one of the afore mentioned obstacles would get in the way causing a rapid and complete loss of speed. This definitely was a challenging course that probably would have been better suited for later in the season. It did however point out that I need to work harder.

The trip up was good and we got a few funny stories from the whole event (that I may share later), memories that will last a life time… and free shit, you gotta love the free shit.

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."

From The Wonder Years