Monday, November 3, 2014

Weird Uncle Phil

Every family has one, that weird uncle that always shows up to family events. You know the one that nobody can quite pinpoint how he is related to the family or whose side of the family he's even on but he seems harmless enough and he has been there seemingly forever so everyone just accepts that he is supposed to be there.


Last night was Cycle Works end of the season party at Ploughshare Brewing Co., while not technically an employee of the shop I was extended an invite, which I gladly excepted and headed down to Lincoln to participate in the shindig.


As many times as I've been to Ploughshare I have never had their brat until last night, it lives up to the quality I have come to expect from them. I hear they even make the brats themselves.


Seemed pretty fitting being Halloween weekend, haven't ever listened to their music though.





Good times were had with great people from Lincoln's best bike shop, couldn't ask for a better bicycle family to be the uncle Phil for.