Monday, October 29, 2018

Can You Repeat The Question


While there was not an official Saturday morning ride this week, it didn't mean that we didn't ride but rather than the normal start time we pushed it back to 8 am to get in some miles and still have time for the Halloween ride later in the day. Not a shabby turn out for an unofficial circle jerk, or maybe it was an official circle jerk since it wasn't an official ride.


Erik showed up rockin some trippy, tie dyed Velocity Aileron rims, in my head I head Chong saying "Whoa, cool rims man!"



I put the word out that we would be leaving right at 8 am and heading out to Malcolm, so at 8 we set off. It wasn't too much later that we got a call asking where we were, someone was at the parking lot claiming to be there on time but since we didn't even leave until 8:02 we knew that was a fib.



Since we are nice guys however, we pulled up at the Scooters in the Haymarket and waited for the straggler to show.



It wasn't too long before the lone rider showed up and we were off again towards Malcolm after a brief delay.




Thankfully the gravel was dry and rolling fast, I'm not sure if it's because of the later than usual harvest or what but the county hasn't seemed to dump their usual amount of rock down on the roads around Lincoln. When they are dry like they were Saturday they are smooth and fast but a few weeks back when there was a little moisture on them, they were pure slop without the rock to help float on top of most of the muck. Bikes got super dirty that day so I am hoping that the muck doesn't continue through the winter, they would be good frozen but if it gets too much above freezing that thawing is going to make them very messy.


Lucked out at the train crossing, everyone just got across when the bells and flashers started going off. I suppose the smaller group was to thank for that a little bit also, sucks to get the group split by a train but stopping is better than the alternative.


Hadn't been by Conestoga Lake in a couple of months, the weird castle house is coming along. Just a bit odd and out of place if you ask me but hey, if you've got the money then build a castle out in the middle of a pasture. As far as I know there isn't a moat and those stone blocks are only show and not real stone but I'm sure it'll still look plenty medieval when it's all said and done.



Had this guy follow us for a few miles, kept looking back expecting to see that he had turned off but every time I looked back he was still there. I guess he didn't feel comfortable enough on the road to pass us, which is better than not being confident and still passing anyway, so we decided to pull off to the side and let him by.


Which of course was perfect time for a little Fireball break, it's getting to be that time of year when the switch to something less freezable than beer is advised. There have been exploding cans in years past and that makes an awful mess in a frame bag or pack.





The Husker game was in full swing by this time so we had the roads pretty much to ourselves, nothing clears out the traffic like a Husker football game; especially one you're likely to win since there hasn't been much of that around here this year. With light traffic and fast roads, we were making good time and it wasn't too long before we were rolling into Malcolm.


Lippy's wouldn't be open for another 45 minutes but the Malcolm General Store was almost 6 hours into it's business day already, so we stopped and got a few snacks and drinks while soaking in the mid morning sun.




Joe was in the mood for something more substantial and as luck would have it the church was having a breakfast so he headed down there to partake in the bounty. We rolled down to meet up with him once we finished up at the store, the breakfast was wrapping up so the gave Joe a bag of dic... um, sausages... for his troubles. They tasted good and greasy but the presentation left me a little deflated.


Filled up with greasy food and convenience store grub, we took the opportunity to get a photo with the churches inflatable pumpkin patch before pushing on back towards Lincoln. Even got the perfect photo bomb by a lady dressed as Maleficent.





Heading out of Malcolm the temps started getting a bit warmer than they were when we set out, highs for the day were supposed to be around 70° so it was time to strip the remaining layers for most folks. Which also meant time for a bridge tea, not my personal favorite but in the land of Busch Lite, Coors Lite and Bud Lite it seemed like making the best of a bad situation.





Photo Oct 27, 12 56 29 PM (1)

After tea time we set off on the last leg of our journey back to the Capitol City and ended up at Green Flash for some much needed nourishment. I'd never been there myself before Saturday, food and beverages were pretty tasty and it's far enough off the beaten path downtown that it's relatively uncrowded even on a Husker football Saturday.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Freaks Come Out At Night



Saturday was our Halloween Night Ride for the shop and it was a beautiful evening for it, temps were still in the high 60s with plenty of sunshine and virtually no wind. We also had a really good showing and some fantastic costumes. Right around 5 pm we departed the shop heading to Moran's.




Normally a parade of costumed folks would be quite the scene but as jumped off of the bike trails and onto the surface streets near the Zoo, we sort of just blended in with the costumes headed into and out of Boo at the Zoo.








Video Oct 27, 5 46 03 PM

We descended upon Moran's and sort of just took over the tiny taproom in the back, in addition to the great costumes, there were several really well decorated bicycles to go with them.





Once everybody had a chance for a refreshment break I managed to convince to random patrons to judge the costumes and decide on the best male and best female costume.


Best male went to the Crash Test Dummy and the best female costume went to Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz. I tried to get the judges to have the Crash Test Dummy hum a few bars of Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the band of the same name but the never did make him hum along.



With drinks, drank and costumes judged, it was time to roll onto the next stop at White Elm.




White Elm was also having their two year celebration so it was a bit more hectic there, live bands, food trucks and long lines just to get a beer.

Photo Oct 27, 6 50 36 PM

Here I am standing in line, see how sad I look... actually, waiting in that line was hot, really hot.

Photo Oct 27, 6 53 40 PM

If you're a Stout drinker, the special Year Two double imperial that they have on tap now is a good one but it's a heavy one also. Maybe go with the smaller size instead of the 16 oz, you'll thank me later.


Photo Oct 27, 8 29 36 PM


With food and live music at White Elm, a few riders decided to stay put when the train left the station headed to Yia Yia's. Those of us still remaining decided it was such a nice night out that we would sit outside and enjoy a beautiful fall evening.

Photo Oct 27, 7 53 02 PM

If you ever want to clear out a men's room I'll let you borrow my mask, there were a few folks in here when I walked in and they left fairly quick after giving me a few side eyes but since I didn't need any assistance for this portion of the ride, I was OK with having the room to myself. Although I think bar bathroom selfies are supposed to be with all your friends, guess I'll have to try harder next time.


Pizza was tasty, beer was cold and company for the ride was great but like all good things, this one came to an end as well. Thanks to everyone who made it out, always a ton of fun. Let's do it again next year.