Tuesday, October 9, 2018

She Calls Me Raymond And That's Alright By Me


There wasn't supposed to be a SMNDFBR this week, myself and most of the gang were supposed to be down in Jamesport Missouri for the annual Biketobierfest. That was the plan but plans changed when the other half got stick and didn't feel up to making the trek down, being sick already sucks enough but to do it in an unfamiliar place is ever worse.




So, those of us who didn't make the journey down to Amish country decided to get out for an unofficial SMNDFBR. The plan was to headed out toward Raymond and either stop at The Ding in Raymond or Ramono's Pizza just outside of the town with the obligatory bridge beer stop at the normal Malcolm bridge beer spot. Pretty good Belgian Tripel from Brickway if that's your sort of thing, actually there are some pretty good beers in general coming out of Brickway.



We lost Brent at Mill Road, he had already been out riding before meeting up with us so home was calling his name. Doug and I pushed on into Raymond and noticed that there was a pretty decent crowd of cars, for Raymond, and figured that The Ding would likely be busy so to Raymono's it was.


Photo Oct 06, 12 10 12 PM


Photo Oct 06, 12 41 07 PM

I'd been by Raymono's Pizza plenty of times but hadn't actually made it into Raymono's until Saturday, with an all you can eat pizza and salad bar buffet on Saturday's from 11-1, that might have to change. Pizza was good, salad bar was decent, about what you would imagine for a small pizza joint, and the creepy butcher on the way to the bathroom was pure gold.




After stuffing ourselves with pizza pie, it was time for a quick spin back into town. As you probably surmised, it was a bit of a colder and overcast day on Saturday but it never did rain on us so that was a positive. We made a quick stop in the Railyard to send out a few messages to see where everyone was, the plan after the ride was to meet up at Dave's house to see how he was doing. Dave has been ordered to spend a little time off the bike so we figured we'd stop by and see him and let him smell sweaty cyclist so that he doesn't forget.

Photo Oct 06, 3 09 45 PM


We all rendezvoused at Dave's, ate his eats, drank his drinks and chatted him up until he unceremoniously kicked us out and told us we had to leave; thus officially ending the unofficial Saturday morning ride.  Hopefully this pattern or rain will find another place to hang out here soon, it's starting to give me PTSD flashbacks of my High School years in the Seattle area...

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