Monday, January 28, 2013

Fog... drizzle... Frizzle...

Temps were actually warmer at 8 pm than they were at 2 pm so I braved what seemed like a little fog to get out and enjoy the warmth, fog is actually rather peaceful to ride in as it suppresses sound and keeps most people indoors.


Where did the Capitol building go?


The fog seemed to get thicker as the night went on until it could really be considered more of a mist/drizzle than fog but it really does make the city look a little more interesting.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


The weather has been yo-yoing for the last few weeks with some warm days and some cold days, usually the warmer days were falling on the weekdays and colder days on the weekends. Luckily we happened to get one of those warmer days today, so out on the bike I went to take full advantage.

Other than a pretty generous breeze it was absolutely gorgeous out today.


Some people weren't having a great day, despite the beautiful weather.


Other people were using the great weather to protest for or against something or other...


Downtown was pretty alive with people today, amazing what warmer temps can do to bring people out. Post ride there was some January grilling and then I rounded up the brood for a walk around the neighborhood.


Despite the wind it really was a great day.


Signs of the freezing and thawing that has been going on lately.


Even managed to find some life sized Legos.