Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jesus Geese

Temps were great in Lincoln today to get out on the bike, didn't even need to dress up in the full winter gear. Light/Medium jacket, under armor shirt, light gloves, leg warmers and a thermal cap is all that was necessary. Had thoughts of trying to get out to Wilderness but figured with temps in the high 30s to low 40s it would be nothing but mud, so cement paths were on the menu today.


New "Pinnacle Arena" is coming along, seems to be moving at a snails pace but what do I know... I can count the number of arenas I've built on one hand by making a big fat zero.


Sun was shining, not a drop, uh, flake of snow in sight and nobody on the trails; maybe I died and went to heaven.


My ride took me behind SouthPointe mall, judging from the number of cars in the parking lot this recession that they say we are in isn't keeping people from spending money around Christmas time. It it better to give than to receive they say... especially after you receive that credit card bill in January. That could explain the slight lingering odor of burnt plastic that seems to permeate the air around shopping malls.


Religious or not most people have heard that Jesus could part seas and walk on water, I have to admit I was  a little skeptical just like most people would be if they hadn't seen it for themselves but then I saw these Jesus geese today... ICE... that's how you walk on water you wait for it to freeze. Oh that Jesus, such the prankster.

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