Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lovely weather for a sleigh ride...

It is lovely weather we are having right now but maybe not for a sleigh ride in the traditional sense but I did get out on my "sleigh" for a ride. Lincoln was like a ghost town today, it is kind of amazing how the one holiday that generates so many retail dollars is also the one that makes the retail machine almost completely grind to a halt for one day. Other than movie theaters, some gas stations and a few restaurants or other eating/drinking establishments pretty much everything else is closed. For someone like myself with no family in the immediate area you either stay home and watch the NBA (PUKE!) or you find other things to occupy your time, I opted for option B. I figured the roads would be mostly devoid of traffic so I opted to have a little bit of company, even if it was the electronic kind, via the iPod shuffle. There are worse ways to spend Christmas than having Pink whispering in your ear, yes whispering all you need to do is turn the volume down. Hey it's my Christmas story, I'll tell it how I want. 

Where should I park, sure hope I can find a decent spot. 


Not a single car in the entire Haymarket area, I reckon that this is what it will look like after the zombies come... minus the zombies, fires and chewed up corpses of course. 

It's a cog-o-saurus... personally I think it was the lack of helmets that killed off the dinosaurs, sometimes being cool is not just dangerous but deadly even if your brain is the size of a walnut. 

I'm guessing this is about 78th and Pioneers Blvd looking west... or I could have just looked at the street sign... did I mention that there weren't many people out and about today?

The cog taking a refueling break at the possible/potential/maybe halfway point... might or might not have technically been halfway but it was where my fat butt let me know I either needed to get some water/drink and something to snack on or it was going to stop pedaling.  

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, whether that meant sharing it with your far off relatives, your dysfunctional immediate family or all by yourself naked, in a bean bag chair, lights out, with a jar of Vaseline, some wet naps and a personalized copy of HOES HOES HOES; The Unauthorized Story of Santa!

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