Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In the lane, snow is... missing

Fives days before Christmas and not much in the way of snow, kind of looking like a brown Christmas for Lincolnites. I am a bit torn, on one hand it would nice to have a little white stuff on the ground to make it seem more like Christmas but on the other hand the lack of snow has enabled me to get out for a few rides as of late, which I am loving. Got out again tonight for what turned out to be chilly ride, started out fairly warm but turned cold fairly quickly which gave me a chance to try out both my face mask and the Pearl Izumi shoe covers I picked up recently. 


Either my face is on crooked or the mask is I think it definitely would have been better with the goggles, there was a bit of a fogging problem whenever I stopped or started breathing hard. The face mask was more than warm enough but wasn't very breathable, I noticed post ride that there was a ring of moisture on my jacket from where my breath would exit out the bottom of the mask, it was a bit of an odd experience. 


Shoe covers worked awesome, it was nice for once to not have my feet be the coldest part of me.


Best part about Christmas time is all the lights, I'd hate to see this guys electric bill come January but it's definitely pretty. 


If the dry weather holds out there just might be a Christmas day ride in my future... hopefully the fat dude in the red suit brings me what I want. 

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