Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Have you ever had one of those Saturdays where you didn't really do much other than laze around all day doing nothing, man those are the days... I didn't have one of those days. My Saturday started before the butt crack of dawn promptly at 5:30 am with a mad dash to get shower, get dressed, throw the bike on the car and boogie down to Lincoln to meet up with the GPBC to ride out to Syracuse Nebraska.


Pretty good turn out for being so early in the morning, temps and wind were almost ideal for a long ride.


Hitting the open road.


Regroup and refuel stop.


Pretty sweet Project One custom Trek Domane.



Second regroup at Unadilla, all sorts of interesting things at this stop.


Like ancient technology that rivals that of cave drawings.


And really expensive lacquered beavers warming their paws in front of nonexistent fires.



I've ridden out to Syracuse a few times but never really went into town just stopped at the "Nutcracker" gas station just off Hwy 2, turns out it's a pretty cool looking little town.


Stopped at BJ's Cafe for a little mid ride refueling in the form of breakfast, felt sorry for the waitress to have 10 smelly cyclists descend on her otherwise quiet morning.


The ride home was a bit slower at the beginning, riding on a gut full of eggs, ham and hash browns isn't exactly ideal but after a few miles the body falls back into it's usual rhythms.


All told I managed to get in just over 61 miles, its my first ride of any real distance so far this year and there couldn't have been a more ideal day for it. Here's to hoping that we get a few more weeks of weather like we had today before it jumps into the holy f#ck it's hot season that is sure to be here shortly.

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