Monday, May 5, 2014

Hilly Street Blues

Weather is finally starting to get nice and stay nice, which is really helping me get back into the biking groove. What's not helping me is all these hills, I swear Omaha is way more hilly than Lincoln was and my singlespeed legs aren't quite what they need to be yet this year, I guess the only thing to do is put on my big boy pants and ride the Cog more.


Decided to head down to Walnut Creek and check out the progress on the trail since I missed the trail day last Saturday because of the Syracuse ride. Things are coming along, both bridges are in now but still a bit of work to do with this one yet.


Rode only about half of the trail and then pussed out and rode the cement around the end of the lake, once it gets burned in and get some wheels on it to pack it down it'll be a good trail but right now it's a bit soft and the singlespeed was the wrong choice of weapons.


Skies were more than a bit hazy, news is blaming it on the folks from Kansas burning stuff down that way... whatever the cause it makes for good pictures but definitely not for good breathing. Man, I got the whine flowing tonight...


I did wash all those particulates in the air down with one of these bad boys when I got home. They combine two of my favorite things chocolate and craft beer so there's not a lot to dislike about it, it's becoming one of my favorites.

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