Saturday, January 21, 2012

Voluntary Homeless

Managed to get out for another chilly, slightly snowy ride today. The temps weren't terrible, said it felt like 9-7 degrees with the wind but with the sun out off and on it actually didn't feel too bad.


The paved paths were nice and clear at least.


Rode by the Occupy Lincoln, the supposed 99%... to me it looks a lot like camping without paying for a park pass or a nightly site rate.


I know that they are trying to make a point but only in America would those with homes become voluntarily homeless to prove a point, if they really wanted to make a statement they would have turned over their house keys to an actual homeless person while they decided to "live on the streets" the middle class way with the helps of tents, warm sleeping bags and food.


But I digress, all you need is love, love, love... love is all you need.


There was still a little snow left to be had on the Jamaican Trail or parts of it any way.


There be traces that fat bikes this way traveled, Pugsleys, Moonlanders, Mukluks and perhaps even Neck Romancers have passed this way.


Tomorrows looking like a miserable wet/icy/snowy day but after that it seems the 40s might be back in the forecast.

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