Thursday, January 5, 2012


60's in January in Nebraska!! It's not often that we are treated to such nice weather, dry trails and forecasts that are predicting nothing but great weather for days to come.


Days are getting longer, it's only a matter of time before the light can go back into storage for the season. Today reminded me of when I was living in California and winter temps were always in the 50-60 and pants were an after thought.

Often while I'm riding I think to myself how grateful I am that my commute is almost devoid of red light/green light, stop and go traffic; just hop on Hwy 77, take my exit and I'm home. There are times when I dream of committing myself to commuting by bike, if I had a place to keep the bike at work other than a $50 antiquated bike rack that has gone unchanged since bikes were $20 and they hung people for theft I'd seriously consider it. Riding to work with the potential of walking home is not appealing at all... someday... maybe someday.

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