Saturday, January 10, 2015

SMNDFBR Part Deaux


Had another good turn out for the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride, considering the chill and wind I would say it was a really good turn out. Bar Mitts were everywhere today, even pulled mine out of semi-retirement. The extra protection was worth the extra time it takes to wrestle them onto your bars, although MG has a pair of the newer Extreme Bar Mitts and they seem much roomier and easier to attach.




Wind was pretty stout coming out of the south, getting to Wilderness was a bit of an adventure but once we ducked into the trees the Park was perfect.

Playing with the video feature a little bit on the camera, was a bit surprised how well it came out considering I was moving and recording the group coming out of the trees at the same time.


Regroup and impromptu bridge inspection, all cables were found to be at the proper tension.




Bar Mitts, Fat Bikes and phone checks at the halfway point.


Decided to take the new multi-use trail on the way back to the Haymarket, should be a nice addition to the Lincoln trail system.


Speed picked up once we hit the cement so I am not sure if these were smiles or grimaces at this point... heck who am I kidding the pace was pretty quick the entire ride, trails were in such good shape they just begged you to open it up.


Made another post ride pit stop at Crescent Moon Coffee for a little warm up, doubled our coffee group from the last ride.

Taking pictures while riding a bicycle isn't an easy task, add gloves to the mix and it can sometimes be darn near impossible. Luckily digital "film" is cheap, lots of shots on the B roll today.


Beautiful shot of the top of the helmet, complete with racing stripe.


I guess because I didn't quite get the top on the last one I figured I needed a second, mad skillz.


Check out those Bar Mitts and that Bluto, no helmet this time so there is that.


See, what had happened was... nope, I've got nothing for this one, abstract art I suppose. 

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