Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chocolate Cake and Pierced Nipples

It's been a hectic week or so after coming back from vacation, lots to do and no time to do it has had me a little behind on posting things on here. Last Thursday was another awesome Tour de Brew LNK ride with Modern Monks beer and Foster Closet being the beneficiary of all the donations this go round. I was flying solo for this one, the GF decided that the 15 hour drive from NY was more than enough driving for her for the week and decided to opt out. Somehow I ended up running late leaving Omaha and didn't have anyone to blame so I registered at Moran's tried the Fox Hole Pivo (which was really good) and beat feet to Cycle Works.


Weather was a bit hot for this one but with the promise of cold beer it didn't keep too many people from showing up.




Quite possibly the raddest bike on the planet right there. Can you imagine riding until you got thirsty and then being able to just pull over for a cold one? Had a few of their brews at Cycle Works and then we were off to pick up our raffle tickets and then Single Barrel.


"Freaky Fast" my ass, we were barely breaking a sweat when we caught up to him.


Took a few more great photos of the top of my helmet and the side of my shoulder, even threw in a sliver of my glove this time to switch things up. I photo gud.



Switched things up this month and ran gears and skinny tires, Gary brought out his newly acquired Fat Bike. New things are in store for the single speed, might be time to retire the Monocog in favor of a different frame, have some things in the works if they pan out.



Had another really good turn out, I think originally they had set aside just the center portion for the brew ride but by the time everyone had arrived I think we occupied about 85% of the restaurant.


Single Barrel has some really good scotches and good food as well but my personal favorite thing on the entire menu is their chocolate, bourbon, bacon cake, it's even better in person than it is in pictures.


The newly weds showed up as well and showed off their custom rings.


A change this time made it possible to purchase extra tickets for a $1 a piece, increasing your chances of winning the 10 person backyard BBQ catered by the Single Barrel and Modern Monks as well as giving more to Foster Closet.



While the extra tickets didn't get me the BBQ, it did help score me this sweet Modern Monks glass in the shape of one of the their cans.



Great time was had by all who went again this month...


Especially this guy, didn't realize the Single Barrel was that kind of bar... they probably didn't either. Looks like next month will be the last of these rides until next year. with these rides going away and the dirt rides from Cycle Works most likely wrapping up in a few weeks it's going to be slim pickings for fun rides around here until spring but I guess all good things must come to an end as they say.

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