Friday, August 8, 2014

ThNNDDR - The End Is Near



Good turnout for the Thursday Night No Drop Dirt Ride last night, Wilderness got a little bit of moisture on Wednesday but it dried out nicely for the ride on Thursday.


Tried a few more "action" shots, trying to get a decent picture from a point and shoot while riding one handed through Wilderness isn't as easy as it sounds. This one didn't come out too bad.


A little bit worse but still not half bad for shooting over your shoulder and not being able to see what exactly your taking a picture of.


Look at the composition on this one, that helmet is beautifully in focus and almost centered in the frame... oh yeah and those tiny people waaaaaaaaay back there but at least they are in focus I guess.


And then there are shots like this one, lots of shots like this one. As much as we'd like to hold as still as possible there are those "oh shit" moments when you have to grab the bars or shift slightly and this is what you get as a result... that hub though, so shiny, so orange, so blingy.

Not many more of these rides left this year, hopefully we can get at least through September before the darkness sets in too early to make for a decent ride.

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