Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where The Bike May Take Me

Got tired of always needing to put the bike on the rack and driving it somewhere in order to ride, so I decided to get out this morning and see what I could find for routes from my house.


Challenge accepted... almost got there, truth be told on the first ride past I was at 25 mph but the second shot at it with only one hand and a camera I came up just a bit short.


Discovered that I could link up enough neighborhoods and then bike path to make it down 96th St. to Walnut Creek, once that trail gets up and running this will be a common route I think.


Since it was only about 6 miles to Walnut Creek and I wasn't done riding I decided to keep on trucking down 96th to see where it might lead. It ended so I turned onto 99th... and it ended also, about 750 feet from this sign to be exact.


Looked like a nice enough place, some little lake just before the Platte River...




You would have thought that living in the country like that would have made them friendlier but they appeared not to welcome guests and made darn sure you knew it. So much for country hospitality.


Not feeling welcomed at all I decided it was time to turn around and start heading back and that's when I stumbled upon this old dilapidated farmhouse. I just love these places all weathered and in disrepair, at first I thought maybe it hadn't been lived in for years... then I noticed the satellite dish on the roof, hope it's in better shape on the inside.


The barn was equally as interesting and also still in use as there were cows in the barn and yard.


While I was busy gawking at the house and barn, I apparently was being gawked at myself as the cows started to gather at the edge of the fence line wondering what was going on. Had there not been more no trespassing signs about I probably would have wandered over and said hi. It's always good making new friends, even if they are distant ones.

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