Friday, June 13, 2014

ThNNDRR - Ernie and the Barn Door

Mother nature just hasn't been too nice to us dirt guys this spring, lots of rain and lots of mud, so the ThNNDDR was cancelled again this week so I decided to load up the bike and hang out with the roadies on the ThNNDRR.


And we're off, decided to head out on Hwy 77 straight north into the wind, towards Ceresco and then just turn around and enjoy the tailwind.


Stopped for a regroup...


...and promptly got into an exhilarating conversation about cycling socks, man those roadies have all the fun.


We were making better time than we thought we would be considering the wind so we decided to ride it all the way to Ceresco and turn around there and head back. Also discovered that 4 dudes on road bikes suck at land navigation, when we decided to push on to Ceresco none of us thought it was farther than another mile/mile and a half, four miles later we were in Ceresco.


Had another regroup in Ceresco, took a little break with a refuel... and maybe some more sock talk.


Made it back just as the sun was starting to go down, all told 37 miles and a little over two and a half  hours of riding on a beautiful spring night. Hard to believe we are almost half way through June already and haven't had any overly hot days yet.


Man of many hats or signs of group ride commuter?

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