Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Junk Jubilee


Decided to head out to the 21st annual Round the Bend Steakhouse Testicle Festival last night for a good ole helping of bull fries, or rocky mountain oysters if you prefer.

Round the Bend Steakhouse, Testicle Festival.

Without fail the first thing most people do when they find out you're going somewhere to eat the naughty bits of a bull is that they get a disgusted look on their face and they usually imply that they think they are gross through some form of eww type sound. However from the length of the line that I've had to wait in every time I've been to the festival there are quite a few people who would disagree with that assessment. Luckily the line for the beer is a different and shorter line so you can enjoy a nice cold beer while you shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to the sellers of the sac.

Round the Bend Steakhouse, Testicle Festival.

The other thing that is almost always a constant is that most of the people who have decided that bull fries are gross are people that have never had them before. I am guessing it's a mental thing because they don't come out looking like anything that once was hairy and dangling between a bulls legs once they are prepared and fried up.


Even girls like balls in their mouths, look at those smiles.


The weather was pretty close to perfect for the festival, storms are supposed to roll in tonight which could make for an interesting second night of the festival, glad we got out last night.


As an added bonus it was Friday the 13th and there was a full strawberry moon putting on a pretty decent show of it's own. If you haven't ever had bull fries before I would recommend giving them a try, once you get past the mental block I think you'd find them to be really good, I know I'm going back next year... always a swinging good time.

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