Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gravel, Dirt And Some Old Stuff

Haven't been doing nearly enough riding lately, been making one excuse or another why I couldn't ride, definitely need to change that. On the upside I have been making more group rides, heck that's about all I've been making lately. Saturday was no different, a gravel ride was on the agenda.


Three might not have been much of a group but what we lacked in numbers some of us made up for in technicolor.


The gravel went on for miles, nothing but rollers everywhere. I'm not going to lie they kinda kicked my butt, cardio is not where it needs to be had I not managed to make it to the gym regularly the last few weeks it probably would have really sucked. Some how managed to get in a good solid 30 without dying and then had to boogie...



T.H.O.R. was having a trail day at Walnut Creek, breaking ground on a new trail.



I've never made it to any of the trail days before but it seemed like a pretty good turn out.



From a pile of leaves and sticks to the beginnings of something that will some day be a trail.


If that wasn't enough for one day, I had plans to head out to the Durham Museum, always a cool place to go.


They had a temporary exhibit "1968", it was actually pretty cool... I actually had a set of these guns as a kid, I remember my brothers and I shooting each other with those little discs, man they hurt. Where are the toys like this nowadays, what's a few more one eyed kids in world? Oh yeah, if anyone asks you never saw this picture, photography in this exhibit was strictly prohibited, if not strictly enforced.



Thought this old as truck was pretty cool with it's chain driven rear wheels, lubing that thing would be a bitch.


Even managed to make a new friend today, she wasn't much of a conversationalist but man did she have a hard body... no really, I swear she felt like she was made out of wood. It's amazing the kind of people you can meet in an old train station turned museum.

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