Monday, June 17, 2013

The land of mini sodas...

Took a trip up to Minnesota over the weekend to see family and help celebrate my nieces recent graduation from High School.
Great weather for the party and a good turn out.
I probably shouldn't be left alone with sharp objects and tiny letters.
The Party was held at Watab Creek Park, great little park, wish we had parks like this around here. Might just be time to start looking for places beyond this great expanse of nothingness we call Nebraska, get back in touch with the more scenic surroundings of Montana, Colorado or Washington state that I do miss.
Wild Columbine! Brought the bikes and were hoping to get in a little singletrack but Minnesota has been hit with the same wet weather we have been getting so the dirt was just as sloppy so we opted for the more manicured gravel paths of Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, which isn't a bad choice by any means.
Didn't hurt that entry to the park just happened to be free that day either.
It's basically just a series of old granite quarries that have since been abandoned and are now full of water, according to the signs some of them are up to 112' deep.
They even allow climbing on the rock walls with permit... hmmmm.
Was a pretty quick trip but fun none the less, split the drive up into two day but because of time limitations had to drive it all straight through on the way back... was enough to give you tunnel vision.

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