Saturday, June 8, 2013

Showering with my bike

Thought I would get up a bit early and head out to see if the dirt was in good shape, the forecast had said that the best chance for rain wasn't until after 11 which would be plenty of time. Unfortunately they lied.

The dirt was actually in pretty good shape but then the clouds starting looking a bit threatening but it's looked like that for days around here and never rained so I figured I had time.

Biker side still had more than a few swampy spots between the two water crossings but there have been years where these never dry completely... although right now there are a few that are really bad. It started raining also which didn't help, trees helped a lot to stop the wind but very little to help with the rain.

Every time I cross this bridge I always wonder how it is that this bridge that looks like it was built by a bunch of 12 year olds with and erector set in the 70s is still standing and opened while the newer ones built for a lot more money are down or closed. Sometimes simple is better than aesthetically pleasing.

Cut the ride short and shot out through the YMCA crossing. One of the nice things about rain is I had the bike paths almost all to myself.


As you can see the cat didn't think too highly of my dumb,wet ass when I rolled in.

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