Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankfully it's only once a year


I, like most of you probably did, ate way too much for Thanksgiving and ended up spending most of two days feeling horrible yet I still kept shoveling the food in. As much as people eat it's amazing how many leftovers there are despite the glutton fest.

(photo stolen from Nate)

I did manage to get out on both Thursday and Saturday for rides through Wilderness Park to try to counteract the effects of eating way too much food. Thursday was a group ride, fast group of guys for this ride who might or might not have been trying to kill me.


Saturdays ride was a solo effort, little colder and little slower pace but still just what the Dr. ordered to burn off some of the enormous amounts of food consumed.




Trails were in great condition, most of the leaves have either blow off or been ridden off of the trails leaving just pristine dirt. Been through this sections a million times and never really noticed you could see those signs, of course there are usually lots of little leaves on those branches. Looks like the next couple of days might be a bit chilly but then it warms up some again... I'm kind of liking these warmer, dryer winters. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

Oh... I think I saw Santa on a Fat Bike today while out in the park... maybe he's trying out a new gift delivery system.

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