Saturday, December 8, 2012

Here comes winter... temporarily.

I suppose it had to happen eventually, the cold is here but seems like only for the next couple of days and then back into the 50s. Decided to venture out into the cold this morning for a little spin, didn't really have a destination in mind but ended up in Wilderness after wandering for a bit.



Arena is coming along.


As is the new Bison Trail bridge.


Use caution when ascending the stairway to heaven...


Wilderness Park was great as usual, there were actually quite a few people out and about in the park today.



Had my own Stand By Me moment and just made it before the train... actually it wasn't eve close, had to wait a good minute for the train to get close enough to snap the pics. Debating a ride tomorrow morning, winds are supposed to be whipping around 20 mph already at 8 making the feels like a balmy 15... the warm comfy bed might win this round.

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