Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bridge out.

Gorgeous 60 degree day, decided to get out for a little singletrack spin through Wilderness Park. Took a little detour to the old Bison Trail bridge because I had heard that they are tearing it down to make way for the new one.


That's usually not there so there must be some truth to the story.


Thing could squash the Cog like a bug.


I definitely don't remember this big gap being here before... anyone seen my bridge?


Still gone...


Well, there's some of it...
Not sure what the time table for the installation of the new one is supposed to be since it was originally supposed to have been in place by last spring but it's good to see them getting under way at least. I suppose if they just drop in a prefab bridge like most of the others in the city all they would need to do is clean up, shore up both sides and drop it into place. Will be nice to be able to ride into Pioneers Park again without some hike a bike... or gap jumping now.

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