Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two flats and a whole lotta snot

Still getting over the tail end of a cold but with the temps being so nice I got a bit of cabin fever and had to get out for a spin. Decided to hit up Wilderness Park, I know I've been spending a lot of time in the park this year but once you learn to ride it with some speed it really is a pretty fun trail. 

Saw this on the way out to Wilderness... don't see many this color anymore. 

With the winds, hikers and bikers clearing off the fallen leaves and the morning frost/dew providing just enough moisture the trails are really prime right now in most spots. Managed to get two flats... or at least one flat and perhaps just not a fully sealed patch job maybe... between Pioneers and Old Cheney. That along with a sinus tract full of the remnants of my previous cold making it difficult to breath I opted to duck out at Old Cheney and taking the less aerobic cement paths back, the headwind all the way back home didn't help in that respect though. 

Rolled past the Sunken Gardens on the way back, always sad to see it after the flowers have been removed for the year... doesn't even look like the same place. Clocks rollback tonight so any chance of not riding in the dark from here on out after work is almost none so nice weekends where you can get out in the sunlight will be extra nice. 

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