Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TNNDDR - That's a Wrap

Days are getting shorter, summers drawing to an end, soon the leaves will be falling and the cold temps are just around the corner but you certainly wouldn't be able to tell that from today. Today was the last Official TNNDDR of the season, you always know it's coming but it always sucks when it happens. Wilderness might not be the most technical place to ride but it's close and it's fun and it's made even more fun with a great group of people to ride it with. I personally am very grateful that Cycle Works decided to do the ride a few years back, I know they don't get paid to do it so they are basically volunteering their free time to help boost the sport and give local riders like myself at least one singletrack group ride a week to look forward to. Great shop and great group of people.

Traffic on the way to Cycle Works was unusually heavy today poor, poor suckers.


Heat kept the group relatively small but small usually means fast and today did not disappoint. At least I was smart and brought the right bike, had gears and everything.


Did I mention it was hot, humid and windy... I guess dude didn't get the memo, must have been almost hotter than I was.


Quick tight group tonight. Thanks to Nate for the pic... although I didn't necessarily ask.


Halfway point turn around, catching a quick rest and some water before shooting back through. 

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