Thursday, August 15, 2013

ThNNDRR - Every breath I take

Today was Thursday which meant it was time for another edition of the ThNNDRR also hosted by Cycle Works, the same people who bring you great rides such as the TNNDDR. Skies were gray and looked a bit like rain but the temps were mild and the forecast didn't call for any rain and luckily it stayed dry for the whole ride this time. I had contemplated skipping the ride, I'm still on the tail end of a cold I picked up while in Seattle last week but figured with enough snot rockets I could manage a few miles. Besides I'm sure had I stopped breathing someone else on the ride would have made note of where to find my body and report it when they got back to Lincoln... how hard could it be to find a blue dude on a black bike, about the only down side would have been some kids mistaking me for a Smurf, figured the odds of either happening were 50/50.

Dude brought his recliner on the ride tonight, I'm not going to lie he was fast on that thing and it did look comfy even without the ottoman. 

Rick either got a text or found his stem really mesmerizing... or maybe he was making a calendar reminder for the car show next weekend. 

That's a fancy Super Saver, I guess that would explain why their prices aren't really all that low anymore. 

Regrouped at Branched Oak Road, never been out this way on a bike, could have definitely used a bit more breathing ability on the roller coaster hills. Ride out was pretty decent with a tail wind, once we made the turn back south the headwind was not all that much fun. 

Next regroup was Malcolm, the smells wafting from this place were torture on the empty stomach. If I could have figured out how to carry some takeout home without making a mess of the pack I'd have done it. 

Settled on the Sac-O-Suds instead, might not have smelled as good but it's always a great place to stop. Someday some corporate douche-waffle is going to build a cookie cutter gas station/convenience store in Malcolm and this mom and pop store will be nothing more than a memory. 


Either these guys were having trouble getting the motorcycle started or they just like pushing it around Malcolm, well one of them pushed and one rode it. I think they guy in the yellow is either tired of pushing or mad because he had to wear the day glo yellow shirt. 

Smallish group tonight but a good group none the less, despite not being able to fully breath and the gray skies it was a really good night for a ride, not many of these left this year before it starts getting cold. In the end I'm glad I made it out.

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