Friday, August 2, 2013

ThNNDRR - What Rain

The TNNDDR was a no go this week, weather hasn't been cooperating lately for much dirt riding in Lincoln but that was Tuesday and last night was Thursday and that meant another edition of the ThNNDRR. Earlier in the week Thursday looked like the one dry day but as it got closer that seemed to change as the days went by. As Nebraska weather has a tendancy to do the forecast Thursday morning looked like it was going to rain a good portion of the day but they just kept pushing the rain back later and later as the day went on until the forecast showed that it wasn't supposed to really rain until well after 9 pm... or so they said.


I commute mostly by car myself but have a relatively easy and quick commute, I always look at all of the traffic backed up on the roads as I've already made it home, changed and am out on the bike before rush hour really starts and think to myself, better you than me. Clouds were already stacking up and starting to look dark off to the north but looked to be staying away from us which would make for a cooler ride and that sounded wonderful.


Made it to Cycle Works with a few minutes to spare so we all stood around and chatted for a bit... there's a trend that seems to be going on in the cycling community, if you look you'll see every rider is wearing what is traditionally called a mountain biking helmet because they all have visors. I have also noticed more than a few mountain bikers going the other way and moving away from helmets with visors. Not really sure what to make of that but in some regards visors to block the sun do make a little more sense when riding on the open road rather than when under the cover of trees on singletrack... but they are definitely breaking rule # 35 of the Velominati Rules.  You know, if you're so inclined to give a rat's ass about such things, for me it was just a random observation.


Rolling out from the shop we were treated to nothing but sun, so much different from how we would end the ride.


Things were starting to look darker already off to the north but didn't appear to be getting any closer... also looks like they are coming right along on the 27th St. overpass.


Either because we aren't very smart or because we like to stare thunderstorms in the face and laugh, we decided to head up Hwy 77 north and straight toward the darkening skies.


Almost immediately we had someone get a flat, I've noticed since riding more on the shoulders of roads that while they might look clear of debris from a car they are a veritable cornucopia of tire puncturing road hazards. Stop throwing shit out your windows people, a roadie might thank you someday or at least not curse you under their breath on the side of some random highway.


I'm not a farmer, I've never played one on T.V. nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but from my less than expert opinion that's some nice looking corn right there.

About the time we made it to just outside of Waverly the sky was getting really dark and thunder could be heard in the distance and the not so distant distance as well. It was time to high tail it back to Lincoln and hope we didn't get drenched in the process.


However just because you might be running for you dryness doesn't mean you completely abandon pics for the blog... haven't been out to Waverly much in the last few years, it sure is growing and getting all fancy like.


Porn Barn!! There be them nekkid women in that building on weekends, but since it was only Thursday, we were all sweaty and still running from the storm we decided to bypass the stink of the pink.


Look at that pace line... time to haul butt.


Off to our north or right, if you are compass directional deficient, this bad boy started to form and pick up speed. It looked nasty and angry... so angry, can't we all just get along.


Made it back to Lincoln without so much as a drop falling on us yet, it was at this point that I knew we were doomed as one of the group spread bad juju on us all with the simple phrase; "Oh look, it's going away... were not going to get wet.". Noooooo... you can think it to yourself, mumble it under your breath if you are brave but you never, ever, ever say it out loud; the clouds have ears. These clouds were no exception and of course shortly after it started to rain, not much just a few drops here and there at first but you could tell it was coming. We sort of all scattered at that point to head to where ever we called dry, all in all it was a great ride and I only got mildly wet as I was able to get inside about 5 minutes before the rain really began. I am going to count my blessings on that one because when it decided to come down it came down with a fury,


This is just a picture of the rail yard off of N. 70th St. and really has nothing what so ever to do with the rest of the story but I liked the pic and it's my blog so I threw it in. Deal. 

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