Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Riding, racing and a sort of DFL...


First race of the Psycowpath series was this last weekend and for all intents and purposes it went fairly well. Bike performed almost flawlessly, almost because the front brake is in some serious need of servicing. I am not sure what happened, air bubble in the hydro fluid or a leak or whatever but it soft and squishy and goes almost all the way to the handlebars before it gets any grip... not that I am going to blame that on my race results because if anything no brakes should have made me faster right. Actually though I am not all that surprised or disappointed in the results, first season stepping up to Cat 2 and it's a huge step in talent and speed, plus to be honest I don't train, I ride but I don't really train.


As it turns out I didn't actually finish DFL, I technically only finished DFL in the 40-49 subcategory. Sure that might be only semantics but I'll take it.


Amazingly for feeling like I was going to die on Sunday by Monday I was feeling almost normal and by Tuesday I even felt good enough for a spin through Wilderness Park. Everything is already green and starting to become overgrown and it's only the beginning of April!


With the new hubs and rims the Cog is riding sweeter than ever, it could just be my imagination but it just feels faster, lighter and more responsive in the corners. Warm weather, races in the future and smooth riding bikes... live is pretty good right about now.

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