Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bikes, It's Whats For Dinner?


The Lincoln Bike Kitchen has been around since 2010 but for one reason or another I hadn't managed to get out there until a couple of weeks ago when I was in Lincoln and had a little free time on my hands. It's current location is at the corner 1st and Garfield, named after the former President and not the lovable, lasagna eating, cartoon cat presumably.


If you show up looking for a hot, home cooked meal you will leave sad and dejected because while the word Kitchen is in the title, you will not be able to smell what the Rock is cooking in this particular kitchen; the menu is distinctly lacking in any culinary specialties and maybe that is OK, Lincoln already has plenty of places for good food but not much else like the Bike Kitchen.


They have a box full of sprockets... front and rear hubs.


Ball bearings rolling around in tubs...


Bearing retainers it plastic containers.


Tool box drawers full of nuts, bolts and socket wrenches...


Not to mention peg boards full of tools to help organize work benches. 


One or two tubes...


Cans of lubes... 


More than a few bike repair hands, working out the imperfections.  


For ease of use they've even taken the time to post the directions.


All kidding and Dr. Seuss like rhyming aside, I went to the kitchen to visit my friend Gary who just happens to volunteer there fixing up bikes for those in need and was quite impressed with the place.


The sheer amount of bikes and bike parts in this place was pretty amazing and they are all available to anyone who comes in, all that they ask is that you leave a voluntary donation if you can.



Rims of all sizes, some of them probably pretty hard to find even if you tried to buy them new.


Forks and tires for days.


Bins upon bins of pedals, posts and seats.


There is even a selection of complete bikes if that's what you're looking for.


And most importantly, lots of happy people on bikes who might not otherwise be able to afford a bicycle. If you've got some free time, spare parts, looking for a good place to donate money or just love bicycles I recommend stopping by and checking the place out, I'm glad I did.

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