Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TNNDDR - The Heartburn Express

Today was Tuesday which meant it was time... blah, blah, blah, if you don't know what Tuesday means by now then you obviously aren't paying attention so shame on you. It's been awhile since Cycle Works has had one of these due to weather, it's been awhile since I've been able to breath normally again and it's been awhile since I've been out on the singlespeed for the TNNDDR so figured I'd take it out for the trifecta.


Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do... luckily we weren't going that fast yet.


Small group tonight, should have been my first indication it was going to be quick one. Weren't many pictures from tonight's ride because we were blazing through Wilderness and for most of it I was head down and pedaling my ass off, I realize for Nate and Rob T. (great name by the way)  it was probably more of a normal pace but it was fast for me. To be honest it's been some time since I've ridden that fast, haven't done any racing this year and most of my rides tend to be solo efforts so it's good to get out with guys that are going to make you push yourself past your comfort zone. Couple of things soon became apparent however... I shouldn't have had Taco Bell for lunch, it tried to make an encore appearance at least once or twice and I should have left the singlespeed at home and brought some gears. The way out wasn't too bad, the effort did give me heartburn and I pretty much blew my wad but I was able to keep up fairly well. The way back I think I slowed the group down a bit, I did tell them they could just ride on but they decided to ride a bit slower; hate holding up the whole group but appreciate the gesture for sure.


Picked up a fourth on the way back, he probably would have met us at Van Dorn on the way out but he was hit by a car on the way out, luckily both the bike and rider were unscathed. Dude still made it for the way back though, much props for that.


Because I have the most awesome GF in the world who happens to love beer as much as I do... maybe even a bit more, she picked up some, now available in Lincoln, Stone Brewery beer from Moran's.


Because I'm kind of a sucker for the darker beer, first up was the smoked porter... in my Domino Effect glass I picked up for free last week at Moran's during their Empyrean beer tasting night. It hit the spot and was a great recovery drink, I'd take beer over Gatorade any day.

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