Sunday, August 18, 2013

Same Park, Different Day

Was a pretty lazy weekend, didn't get out for my usual road ride or any ride for that matter on Saturday so I figured I probably should get in at least a few miles today. Since the days are starting to get shorter and it was already about 6 before I decided to get out and because I just love the park, Wilderness was the destination for tonight's ride.


Seeing more and more of these around the city trails but have yet to see any of them outside of town. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with visibility and maybe just a little bit to do with relative proximity to other riders. Being out on the road the ability to see and be seen I would think wouldn't be all that great at such a low height, plus the width would mean that you would almost have to find a road with a wide shoulder. As for proximity to other riders, how many group rides of any length would you go on if your face was about the same height as everyone elses ass? I mean at first it probably wouldn't be too bad but as the ride went on and people started getting sweaty and smelly... well I think you get the picture.


Headed down Calvert and over the tracks, you would not believe how difficult it was to get the Monocog to balance like this long enough for me to back up and get the picture. Bikes got some mad skills.


First time I've seen quads out this way, loved riding these things when I lived in Colorado and there was public open space for that type of activities. Round these parts I'm guessing if you don't know someone with land you're SOL.

We've had a little rain lately which in my opinion has really helped the park, trails are really smooth, fast and the dust is under control right now.

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