Monday, May 24, 2021

Beware The D10




Not sure who decided it was time but someone flipped on that humidity switch on Saturday, looks like spring temps might be done for the year and summer heat is here. But we had donuts and sometimes donuts are enough, they don't help with humidity but they also don't make it worse.



Cloud cover in the morning helped to keep temps somewhat mild but the sprinkles and overall moisture level did not help with that at all. Once the thick cloud cover burned off, nothing helps as we stewed in our own juices.




The plan was to head out east to Bennet and then circle around to the north before coming back in on the MoPac with a visit to The Hut. The belt way is progressing nicely but is a bit of a PITA to get around right now, we had a little run in with a construction guy who had to jump in his truck and fly across the 200 yards of dirt to let us know we were in imminent danger of being run down by a 190,000 lbs, 15 foot tall bulldozer somewhere in the last 25 yards of road in front of us. Little buggers are sneaky too because I didn't see a single one of them anywhere near us but just to be safe he had us turn around and travel a greater distance back through the danger zone, for our own saftey and not at all because he just wanted to.




A little ways down the road we managed to find a dozer free zone and managed to continue on unmolested. After all that danger we worked up quite the thirst so naturally a ditch beer stop was in order.

Photo May 22, 12 00 25 PM


Photo May 22, 1 35 14 PM

After a brief stop at Casey's for some pie and a cold drink it was on to The Hut before pushing on toward Lincoln.

Photo May 22, 3 26 36 PM

Photo May 22, 3 08 43 PM

Photo May 22, 3 57 30 PM


A few of us continued on for some pizza from Yia Yias and an ice cold cider from Saro before calling it a day. Despite the deary start the day ended up being pretty darn good and I might have even gotten a little sunburned for my efforts. Next weekend I think we are going to head out to Saunders county for 66 miles of gravel around the Prague, Weston, Colon area. Should be a great time with a few bigger hills thrown in to keep it interesting.


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