Thursday, March 8, 2018

You can't be DFL if you DNS

We are just a week away from it being mid March already and that means that the Gravel race and or ride season is about to kick off... well if you like mud, the race season begins this month but for most April is when it really kicks into high gear.

CW Crew5

The now defunct and sorely missed, Odin's Revenge, was my first ever gravel event... technically not even a race since it was the 60 mile "fun ride" but it was a race to those riding it... back in 2015. That year I did four gravel events, Odin's, Tour of Dirt Roads, Gravel Worlds and the Omaha Jackrabbit, 2016 saw the same four events for me with better results. In 2017 I upped the game a bit and had 7 gravel events on the schedule, 2018 is seeing even more events added to the calendar. While I still don't consider myself anywhere near disciplined enough or training enough to be considered a racer, that doesn't mean that the events are any less fun. You can't come in dead fucking last if you don't start at all so there is that, although I tend to end up mid pack in most events rather than DFL but the principle still applies; stop worrying about being fast and just get out and enjoy the experience. Any way, here is the mostly nailed down schedule for 2018.


April         Cool Hand Luke

April         Tour of Covered Bridges

May          Tour of Dirt Roads

May          Wear Yellow Ride

May          Schmidty’s Single Speed Shootout

June          Gold Rush Gravel Grinder? (Tentative)

June           Loess Hills Enduro

June           Solstice 100 Gravel Grinder (Working not riding) 

July           Bohemian Sto Mil

July           Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational

August      Gravel Worlds

Sept          Pony Express Gravel Dash

Oct           Omaha Jackrabbit


I think a fair amount of these will probably be on the Fargo but the Pugs and/or Farley will still get in on the fun as well. Seems like I have my work cut out for me in the gravel world and this doesn't even include the two Psycowpath races I am going to try to do my best to get to as well, on these dates. 

Swanson Race2

April         Swanson Shoot Out

June          Tranquility Trail Tantrum 

If you happen to be out at any of these events stop over and say hi, I'll be the fat guy on the plus or fat bike. 

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