Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where I live...


This is Lincoln Nebraska, for any of you lucky enough to not be familiar with it; this rendition might be a bit more dreary then the city is in person but not by much. An ex-wife brought me here and two kids keep me here, I am still trying to find myself and figure out what life is all about. I know that by the time you reach adulthood they tell you that you are supposed to already know these things and I thought that I did at one time but now I am not sure of much of anything. That is okay though because life is all about the journey and not the destination, in the end there are really only three destinations depending on  your beliefs, upstairs with the big man, downstairs where it's hot but at least there is relief from the humidity or decomposing 6 feet under with worms crawling in and out of you.

I have more questions then answers so if you came here looking for a solution to your problems you are in the wrong place, if by chance you are a little screwed up and looking for meaning in life then welcome and come along for my journey if you like. Lube up your chain, tighten your chin strap, clip in and come along for the ride, I can't promise it will always be fun or interesting but life sometimes isn't. 

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