Friday, August 28, 2015

ThNNDRR - Two Wheels, One Cone


Last night was the final Thursday Night No Drop Road Ride of the season and it was a great one!


Despite dark clouds and the occasional sprinkle here and there, we managed to stay completely dry for the ride.


Even managed to find a little extra climbing thanks to BNSF, usually we don't take the A Street overpass in favor of the flatter surface roads.


I guess it is their railroad track though so they do have some right to be able to use it for their trains, plus the view from the top of the overpass isn't half bad when everything is still green.




We eventually weaved our way over to Pioneers Park via Folsom, Burnham and Coddington.



With the skies being overcast and there being more than a gentle breeze Pioneers Park was empty and we had a nice peaceful ride through the park on empty roads.





Once we hit Van Dorn St. we decided to head east on the new black top and get some ice cream from C and L Dairy Sweet because who doesn't like ice cream, Rick was a gracious host and picked up the tab for all. What a great guy and on a side note, I found out Rick might be my illegitimate father so meeting your dad and getting ice cream all on the same night was pretty fantastic... we are still negotiating terms on back allowance I feel I am rightfully due.


Ice cream was ate and it was time to get back to it, since we had so much fun coming down Van Dorn we decided to give it a try in the opposite direction.


Rode past my old stomping grounds... as an employee people not a "guest", geesh!




Van Dorn was not as much fun heading west as it was heading east but as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. From Van Dorn it was a quick spin into Denton...


and the fabled Denton Wall. After riding his back roads cousin this past weekend he didn't seem so bad this time around. Still wouldn't want to ride it everyday necessarily but the gravel version is just a wee bit more of a butt kicker IMO.


If you're in the market for a new tail light, you should take a look at the Bontrager Flare series. The one Rick was using last night was insanely bright even before the sun started setting, aircraft flying overhead would be able to spot you easily when using one of these guys.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to one (or more) of the group rides this season and I hope you all had fun, I know it was a blast for me and am already looking forward to next season. While the ThNNDRR is officially in the books for this season there may still be an occasional ThNNDDR left this year but with Husker football starting up next weekend most peoples Saturdays are going to be filled with other activities.

Keep an eye on the Cycle Works Facebook page however, for both the occasional ThNNDDR and also for the return of the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride to start up again near the end of the college football season. Also, don't forget to join us Thursday September 3rd for the Group Ride Appreciation BBQ at the shop.

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