Saturday, August 15, 2015

ThNNDDR - Sailing The Gravel Waves


Only one more week until Gravel Worlds, not sure if I'm ready for it or not but I guess that doesn't matter much since it's coming anyway. The Farley on the left is the bike I'll be riding for GW, the Farley 5 on the right could be the bike that you ride on GW, it's brand new and just hit the sales floor with a price just a tad over $1700. That will get you a rad gravel crusher.


Looks even better outside and would look best of all on the trails, I've had my Farley since December and absolutely love it, so much so that it's now my full time bike. These things sell fast though so don't doddle, if you're even slightly intrigued get down and take it for a spin before someone else invokes the N+1 rule.


And for those of you who like the really fat tires, the new Farley's will run them and tubeless to boot if you desire and they were designed by a lady named Barbra Gazi?!? No, Barbegazi... another mythical creature and the big brother of the Hodag. I think those Trek marketing guys have been spending a little time in Colorado enjoying the herb.


We actually did go for a ride as well, it wasn't all pictures and drool over new bicycles.



Headed east out on the MoPac looking for a last minute gravel adventure before the real deal next Saturday.



Gravel was much drier and faster than last weekend but like everything in life the good always comes with a little bad and we paid for the fast gravel with endless sun, no fluffy clouds and a stiff wind out of the south.


The MMRs were even nice and dry, a far cry from the mud we encountered last time on Bennet Road.


It was a four bottle kind of day, unfortunately I only took two so I was never happier to see the Roca Tavern in my life. While it wasn't open the owner is very cyclist friendly and always leaves a jug of cold water on the outside of the building.


Even managed to make a new friend on the ride, I always thought that these guys only liked sweet things like nectar but he was really going to town sucking the salty sweat out of my glove. Loves sugar, salt and bikes... if he drinks beer also we just might be best friends.

Not much else photo worth on the ride, played a little frogger on Satillo Road on the way back, the people that drive that road really need to relax a little bit and get out of those cars and onto some bicycles. Thanks to everyone who came out, hope to see some of you next week at Gravel Worlds.

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