Sunday, December 11, 2016

SMNDFBR - Snake Eyes


You just never know who might show up for the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride, this Saturday we had a Real American Hero show up, Snake Eyes, from movie and comic book fame.





Once the autograph session was over, it was time to roll out and head down to Wilderness Park to get out of the wind and hopefully find a little more warmth. With the colder weather a couple of things happen, we start seeing more of pudgy tire bikes and fewer people out and about in the Haymarket making it smooth sailing through downtown.


The cold also tends to bring the deer in closer to civilization looking for any additional warmth. These two deer were bedded down off the side of the trail by Defy Gravity... yes there are two deer, the doe beating feet to the left at the bottom and the buck heading right, behind the trees.



There he is, surveying the surroundings.



The deer weren't as excited to see us as we were to see them and they quickly decided to move on to a more private location.









With temps below freezing for the ride, the track in Wilderness was in really good shape, mostly frozen and bare single track with just a spot or two of ice and snow. With colder temps and not much in the way of precip in the forecast until Friday, the Park should be good all week.



Ice on the creek is even starting to form, a few more weeks of freezing temps and a little bit of snow cover and it'll be prime for riding on as well.



Eleven of us headed out from Cycle Works and rode through Wilderness but at about 14th Street we split into three groups, Russ, Courtney and Scott decided that they had enough chilly fun for the day and decided to head home; Carlos, David and Roy were pushing on up the Jamaica North to Hickman for some gravel miles and Gary, Todd, Jase, Phil and myself decided to head back through Wilderness and then on to find a cup of hot coffee.




Photo Dec 10, 12 22 22 PM


This week we ended up at Method but we missed their delicious waffles unfortunately, if you've never tried them you really should but get there early. The coffee and pastries still hit the spot and helped to warm us up even if they weren't waffles.


After enjoying our coffees, pastries and the free heat we were once again back on the bikes, Phil split off and headed homeward and the rest of us steered towards Cycle Works, bringing another great Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride to an end. Thanks to everyone who made it out, should be a ride next Saturday for sure... still kicking around the idea of having one on Christmas Eve but leaning towards having one.

Also, Sunday the 18th is our 2nd Annual Holiday Lights Ride, this is a casual ride to check out some local lights and then end up at Yia Yia's for pizza. Putting lights and decorations on your bike is encouraged as well so get your bikes out and lets get them all lighted and tinseled.

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