Thursday, November 28, 2013

Good way to start a Thanksgiving

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn to ride in my 2nd Turkey Ride put on by Swanson, not sure how many there have been but it's pretty awesome tradition.


Boogied out of the house about 7:35 am, hate being late to things in general but it's especially bad to be late for a group ride if you get left behind and have to play catch up. Met up with Jordan on about 9th and D so we rode the rest of the way together. Ended up being the first two people there but the group started arriving shortly after, quite a change from the last few Thanksgivings this one was a bit more chilly for sure.


Pretty good turnout despite the frigid start, not sure what the official head count was but I'd guess between 15-20.


Warming up wasn't an issue as the pace out was pretty quick, not sure my lungs have adjusted to the colder weather completely yet as they weren't sure they wanted to let me breath.


Had a few people drop off here and there, family commitments, but still ended with a decent sized group.



Once the ride was done it was time to head over to the Swanson's for some post ride refueling. The Swanson's are definitely good people, inviting over a bunch of sweaty, smelly bikers for some food and adult beverage.


My kind of parking lot.


Hoping someone tests gravity with a bit of food.

Photo Nov 28, 10 17 53 AM

Sausage, mushroom quiche and bacon cinnamon rolls, beermosas and Irish coffee... they know how to keep the fat kid happy.


Bacon wrapped pretzels for dessert didn't hurt either. 

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