Tuesday, October 23, 2012

74 and tacky

Temps are in the 70's today and tomorrow and then drop into the 40's for the next few days after that with a good chance for liquid sunshine so riding is now or never... or at least not for awhile. Hit up Wilderness Park and then took the long way home, got in a good 20 miles which isn't bad for October in the evening.


Trails were fast where the leaves hadn't fallen, that brown thing in the middle of the trail is a squirrel getting in a little singletrack. Luckily he ducked off to the left before he became Squirrel McNuggets.


With the impending inclement weather that is sure to come it was time to put a little meatier tires on the cog, worlds of difference from the small block eights that are usually on her.


2012-10-20 16.54.44

Fall colors and mirror like reflections.


All down hill from here...


Tracks usually have a train parked smack dab in the middle of them lately, pretty rare to see it clear.


Lost bikes or a mid park rendezvous?


Capped the night off with an awesome sunset, not many of these days left. Hope you all got out and enjoyed the night.

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