Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fool In The Rain


The fellas from Led Zeppelin might be willing to stand on the corner in the rain but I'm not that big of a fan. However, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that it's been pretty rainy around here lately, with more than a few of those days falling on the weekend which makes it pretty tough to get in any regular miles.


Not really wanting to cancel the ride I kept obsessively watching the forecast but it didn't seem to change much as far as chance of rain went but I did notice that the amount of rain wasn't all that much. Mostly 0.0something, so just trace amounts for the most part.




I decided that if it wasn't pouring then I'd keep the ride up and see who showed, it is just water after all. As it turns out most of the usual crew decided that a little rain wasn't going to kill them either. 8 riders on a wet, cold and windy day showed up for the ride and that is a win in my book.


Worlds smallest trunk rack, they are so precious when they are that age.


Once we got going the rain actually wasn't too bad, just a slight sprinkle and it seemed to be decreasing the longer we rode. Avoiding the spray coming up off the bike path from someone's fat bike tire was a bigger concern than the water falling from the sky if you wanted to stay dry.





Not knowing for sure what the weather was going to do, the plan was to ride the paths out to Hwy 2 and 91st Street and then turn around and ride back with a lunch stop near the end.


Even had an impromptu stop at Menards, in addition to saving big money you can also use their restrooms, which is nice because all my money is normal sized so I don't really save any when I go there.



As I said, once we got to the end of the path it was back mostly the same way we had come. The rain had stopped all together by that time but the winds were picking up and the temps were not, it was getting down right chilly.


The plan was to head to Village Inn and grab some food, unfortunately they have removed any possible spot to lock a bike to from the front of their establishment. Plan B was El Toro across the street, not the best bike rack there either but in the land of the blind a one eyed man is king as they say. Food was good as is always the case when I've been to El Toro so while it might have been second choice the food was first rate.


Once we finished eating we split and went our separate ways, if there would have been a sunset, Joe would have been riding into it. Despite the rain it was a great ride with a great group of people.

Next weeks weather is looking much better, the SMNDFBR will be heading out to Palmyra for the  Pirate Cycling League's Tour of Dirt Roads IX. We will be posting up an event page later in the week with more details about our groups plans on getting out there but I believe the plan is to meet at Cycle Works so that we can carpool out to Palmyra and then riding the course as a group. All are welcome to join in, the event is free and is not a race.

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