Friday, September 2, 2016

ThNNDRR - Put A Fork In It



A weird thing happens whenever there is a tandem bicycle around, it seems that few people will admit that they want one but everyone wants to ride it just the same. The Salsa Powderkeg is the first one I've ever ridden on and once you come to terms with riding a bicycle that you have absolutely no control over, it's a pretty rad experience. Scott and Rick were cruising along like two peas in a pod or two bros on a bike if you prefer, like twins separated at birth who knew what the other was thinking they took off and made it look super smooth. I suppose to get really go on a tandem, you'd need to be able to do that.


After a few spins around the parking lot on the tandem it was time to get down to the business of riding independent bicycles.



Our route last night took us out towards Malcolm on Hwy 34, the fellas brought the turbos last night as we had a pretty brisk pace out of the gates.


I'm always in awe at how fast Chris can get his recliner bicycle moving out on the open road, it seems like it should be anything but fast... and it never is.



Made a brief stop in Malcolm so one of us could grab more water... while the rest of us stood around stoically not looking at one another apparently. Without the NFL, what would you talk about?




Heading out of Malcolm we headed out toward Pawnee Lake, that route is always a good one with it's scenic views but last night was even better with mild temps and very little wind. It definitely was a great night to be out on the open road enjoying the waning days of summer.



Even the farmers were getting in on the regroups, he probably has us beat in horse power but that top end speed needs a little work.


We rolled into Emerald and had to stop at Dairy Joe's for a little ice cream, if you haven't made it out that way yet you really should. It's great stuff.

After the ice cream we shot back down Hwy 6 into town bringing the final ThNNDRR of the summer to an end. Big thanks to everyone who made it out to any of the rides this season. No ride next Thursday but there will be an appreciation BBQ for anyone who has made it out to either the Thursday or Saturday rides. Check out the Facebook page for more details. 

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