Friday, August 5, 2016

ThNNDRR - Defying Logic

We could sail away
Or catch a freight train
Or a rocket ship into outer space...



Yesterday was the ThNNDRR and Rick was away so he let me borrow his Giant Defy for the ride.  One thing that became clear real quick is that roadies be cheating, I almost didn't even have to pedal to get this thing to take off like a carbon rocket ship all I had to do was hold on and steer.


The last time I rode a true "road bike" I was 10 and it looked a lot like this, which back then was just a bike and hardly compares to the sleek, ultra light speedsters they have today. The Defy was absolutely amazing, the first half of the ride when it was dry was almost effortless and I was clipping along 2-3 mph on average faster than I do on my cross bike. I might have to tell Rick that the Defy fell off the car on the drive home and then do my best to convince him that the one I bring to the ride next week just coincidentally looks like the bike he had.


Speaking of the ride, despite the dark and ominous clouds we ended up having a pretty decent turn out.



We made one last check of the radar and forecast and it looked like everything was going to stay south of our route, only about a 25% chance of rain... I'm starting to think 25% is a much greater possibility than it sounds. Any who, not wanting to waste any more time, off we went in hopes of staying dry.



Our destination for last nights jaunt was Waverly, by the time we got out on Hwy 77 things started looking a bit darker but it did appear like maybe we were chasing it rather than running from it. There was some water on the road ahead but not much so we figured it was moving faster than we were and all was going to be alright... **queue the unnerving meant to build suspense**





Despite the fact we were flying, in comparison to the normal pace, and the dark clouds were all around us, everyone seemed to be sticking together in a tight group and smiles abound. Even Scott almost managed a smile, almost.


The clouds were pretty insane last night, when we had time to look at them.



Our luck was holding when we got to Joni's in Waverly and we were still dodging the rain drops.

Photo Aug 04, 6 39 32 PM (1)

If you ever get out to Joni's, they have some fantastic ice cream cones just make to order the small (pictured here) otherwise you'll be there all night trying to finish it. They also have a pretty darn good burger as well, haven't had one in a few years but they were delicious last time I did.


I'm not sure if it was the brain freeze from the ice cream, the lack of oxygen from haulin butt out to Waverly at warp speed or the euphoria from not getting rained on but things got a little weird at Joni's there for a bit. Like pictures through the window of Scott and Courtney eating jalapeno poppers...


...or this, not sure if there is an explanation for what is going on here. Like I said, things get weird when the adults don't come out for the rides. I should not be left to my own devices, more often than not nothing constructive happens.


The storms that were supposed to blow over by the time we were to be heading back to Lincoln didn't get the memo, looking towards town from Waverly we had a sinking feeling we were going to get wet. Must have been magically staying in between storm cells the whole time and not just chasing one but I think our luck had run out.


With the rain forthcoming the camera had to retire to it's waterproof hiding place, until we got to the bridge underneath Cornhusker Highway. The liquid sunshine was pouring down by then.


There was a sliver of good luck wrapped in the rain and our new found bad luck, Scott got a flat but it was within 50 yards of the bridge so we didn't have to change it in the deluge.


And when I say "we" didn't have to change it, we all chipped in... some with the actual changing and the rest of us struck up some rather dapper poses for the men's fall cycling collection while we waited. It's a team effort, no one job is any more important than the others.


I think that ironically Scott's flat was good kismet, by the time the tire was changed the rain had all but stopped and this beautifully astonishing double rainbow peeked out of it's cloudy shroud. It's amazing how dirty one's bike and kit can get when riding in sheets of water but I think I owe Rick's bike a good wipe down before returning it.

Thanks to everyone who came out, sorry about the rain, lets shoot for drying weather next week because these rainy rides are getting a little old.

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